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 - One of my favorite tracking softwares. I've tried just about all of the others. I always come back to this one as it offers the most features and the best value for the money.

Best Damn Redirect- It truly is amazing. Create redirects instantly, setup a marketplace of products and more. A very nice redirect/tracking script. If you only have a handful of products, and tracking actions/sales separate from clicks is not required, this is the script you want.

LinkTrackr - A newer hosted tracking option. Excellent for affiliate tracking, as well as social media marketing/tracking.

Google Analytics - The absolute best and completely free! You cannot find a better analytics system than Google's Analytics software. If you are concerned about privacy have a look at Urchin (see below).

Piwik Analytics - Free, open source analytics. Requires installation on your server, and saves data in MySQL tables. (free).

Clicky Web Analytics- Does an excellent job of tracking web analytics in real-time. I suggest you consider an upgrade to the paid version ($9.99/month or $80.00/year).
Clicky Web Analytics

Urchin - Google bought out Urchin and they rebranded it as Google Analytics. The old (legacy) original is still available and can be installed on your websites. Higher end hosts may offer you Urchin analytics and it sometimes provides more information than Google Analytics. It may be worth considering if you require it's features.

AdSpy Tracker - The best way to track where your Adsense clicks are coming from, and protect your sites from click fraud. I no longer recommend AdSpy Tracker as it seems that it is not compatible with Google Analytics and causes problems.

Google Webmaster Tips - 5 essential tips that will really  help you out when you are using Google Webmaster Tools.