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Are you looking for a XSitePro website that makes a difference in your sales? I know what works, from experience and I would love to talk with you about XSitePro project.

Call me at: 1-574-514-3429 (M-F 10am-6pm EST) to discuss your project

Your site design is just one important piece of the puzzle. Making sales online requires a combination of knowledge in XSitePro techniques, attracting hungry traffic, x-sitepro marketing, SEO keywords analysis and testing/tracking.

I believe that your best chance of success can be achieved if you work with a professional XSite Pro developer who also runs their own business online, and has already made sales online. A person who has their own shopping cart online (one with multiple products), and not just single products. Why is this so important? Because when you find someone who has done this from past experience, they will already know what does and does not work.

increase conversion-testingAre you having trouble just getting people to your XSitePro website? Are your conversion rates less than 1% of your website visitors? I can help you increase your online sales

You probably realize that you could get a big boost in your conversions (from visitors to sales) of  website traffic if you work with someone who has a previous background in XSitePro website design, SEO ranking strategies and XSite Pro website conversion techniques. There are just too many things to learn in a day, and not enough time to grasp all of these things at once.

I have been personally selling both physical and digital products to internet customers and making sales from my online business since early in 1997. Since that time I have earned a full-time online living for 14 years. I have also began setting up a successful XSitePro membership website that earns me continuity income (monthly). You can earn a decent amount from a XSitePro members website, if you keep in mind that retaining your customers (retention) and attracting and selling to them in the first place is just as important as setting up your website.

If you can, I recommend that you find a successful entrepreneur that has experience in the areas that you are working in, and that can talk to you from their own experience.

If you choose me to be that person, I guarantee you (your 100% satisfastion guarantee is part of all of the work that I do) that I will use my website development skills (14 years), computer programming experience (24 years) and  Internet e-commerce experience (selling digital, and physical products to consumers) to achieve your goals. I will work for you, as if your business is my own.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are unhappy recieve a full refund

I will help you achieve the traffic/sales/conversion goals that you have set for your xsitepro satisfaction guaranteewebsite. I can also train you in the work I do (for an additional fee), so that you too can keep your xsitepro website bringing in sales for a long time, guaranteed.  (Remember, all of my work comes with a 100% Guarantee: if you are not satisfied with my work, I will give you your money back).

Build our XSitePro Business, NOT just a template. Anyone can design a template, but only XSitePro Template Site can bring you nearly 15 years of online sales strategies, and help you achieve your goals with your XSitepro Website.

xsitepro templates design serviceServing your customer is your primary goal. The quicker that you repond to them and gain their trust, the better. Your product: digital, physical (or a combination) must be seen as an exciting purchase to help them visualize buying/using your product or service, and to get them to return to buy again.

Having custom XSitePro Templates designed for your website is a great business decision. I will help you build your business, not just a template!  There is a huge difference between setting up a nice looking graphic XSite Pro Website and setting up a nice looking Professional XSitePro Template Site focused on helping you achieve your goals. Making your XSitePro site look professional can boost sales 10%-30%.

Setting up and using the correct marketing and promotion strategies in your business, tied to your XSitePro website could increase your sales exponentially. Setting up your template is only the beginning of what I will do for you. Next, I will work with you to help you establish and implement a real marketing and promotion plan that is built into your XSitePro template. A plan that will bring you traffic, results and sales. 

Here are a few recent sample sites and work I have completed for my clients. You can see that the temlates are professionally done, and that integration (adding of objects) to XSitePro was used to make these sites successful.

Military Models Online Moab Tourism Center Wild At Heart Safaris
xsitepro ecommerce integration custom xsite pro design screen shot xsitepro custom template
A custom XSitePro template with full E-commerce integration with SunShop shopping cart. Also included 10 SEO keywords with XSP keyword optimized pages. A completely custom designed XSitePro template, photo gallery and 10 SEO keyword rich pages with XSitePro keyword integration. An XSitePro Template conversion, from a standard webpage to XSitePro template.
BibleDraw.com Jeff Labrado CelebrateKids.com
 x sitepro website screen shot XSitePro Local Marketing Screen  x site pro template conversion shot
Complete integration of a digital delivery shopping cart that was customized to allow them to offer digital (downloaded products) as well as actual physical products. Local marketing integration for a service business. Utilizing Google Places listing, a custom XSitePro keyword optimized template and  an emphasis on local search terms.

Setup an existing website in XSitePro, customizing and optimizing template for Google. Keyword research 10 keywords XSitePro keyword optimized pages.


Below are some of my specialties, that let me stand out from others, and some comments on how I can help you find success in each of these areas. Please contact me personally if you would like me to work with you to help you achieve real results in your online business.

ECommerce, Shopping Carts and Digital Products (eBooks): Your attention to customer service and to details are important here. You have to deliver your product instantly (if you are selling a digital product). You should also provide a receipt for their purchase and very detailed instructions for your customers. This will cut down on your customer service requests.

Your backend sales may increase your sales by 30% (or more) of your total sales volume. This requires that you have a sales funnel, and promotion strategy designed to help you attract and continue promoting to your customers. A  autoresponder promotion series is recommended. You may want to consider continuing your emails for up to 1 year in advance, or in looping your autoresopnder campaigns (requiring specific software). Evergreen content (that is not dated) should be used as informational or: 'free' with your promotions sprinkled within the series.

XSitePro Members Website: A good strategy is required to get and keep customers paying every month. While it does take some time to establish, it is worth it in the long term. Your overall retention rate (or rate that you are able to retain your members) is more important than how many new members you attract. You can consider providing promotional teasers near the membership renewal times so that your customers see value in their memberships and continue to pay you for it.

Dripping content (giving out some pages, ebooks, or material slowly over time) is the best way to keep your members interested. You can use an autoresponder to continue to send out new content, and automatically remove those who have expired payments. Surveys are crucial for checking the pulse of your customers and determining what they want. In my opinion it will be easier for you to get signups to your XSitePro membership integrated site than it is to keep them on as a member, but keeping them as a member is required to make your site profitable.  

Making Affiliate Sales: In this 'quick response' world it is important that you collect and save as many of your visitor's email addresses as possible (think marketing and promotion, especially of similar products). Building your list is very, very important as it gives you a second and third chance to contact your interested prospects if they do not purchase the first product that you refer them to. This can greatly increase your sales. Some affiliates never build a email list, but it is required if you want to continue to grow your your sales.

You can trust XSitePro Templates Site as you will speaking to a successful entrepreneur that is currently making a living online - I have done it before (and continue to earn money) and I can talk to you from my real experience (including what to do, and what to avoid).

I will put my skills: 24 years of computer programming, and 14 years of online E-commerce Internet experience (selling multiple products to consumers). I have sold both physical an digital products. I can help you define, and achieve your goals in online sales. Contact us today with a description of what you want to achieve.