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What makes an XSitePro website stand out from others? Read below for an idea of when you should consider a new website design, or makeover.

You may already own XSitePro, and have a template in place. Is your template converting your visitors into sales?  Are you getting enough traffic to make it worthwhile? If you answered 'no' to these questions, or you do not yet have a template then read further.

The most important thing you can do is recognize that you are not hitting your goals. That's fine.  It's important to realize it, and to find someone that can help you achieve the goals that your website business has. You may require an updated XSitePro web site design (one that keeps visitors on your website, and that converts them into sales, rather than one that looks like a 'million dollars').  I can help you reach your goals, if you give me a chance.

The easiest way to explain this to you so that you can see what is going on for yourself - is to ask you a few questions about your current XSitePro website (below). As you answer the questions below you may realize that it is time to consider working with someone that can design (or redesign) your website to help you reach your goals (someone that has experience in doing this previously - more on that later).

There are many reasons to think about having a custom XSitePro website made for your business, the most important ones I have indicated for you below:

  1. You are not seeing at least a 1% conversion rate (this is also similar to having a website that is having less than 1% of the visitors to it taking some action - either signing up for your newsletter, or purchasing something that you offer.) If you break it down it means that for every 100 visitors to your website, less then 1 will signup, or buy something from you (or complete whatever your desired action is). An optimized website will do much better than that: 1.5% to 2.0% is possible. If you cannot make a sale to 1 out of 100 visitors then you need to re-think your design, or your desired action.
    * Your conversion rate (along with your Visitor Value - how much each visitor is worth) is the most important statistic for any website.

  2. Is your website achieving the goals that you established?  If you are seeing increasingly sliding sales, and your conversions are also sliding over time, you cannot attribute it to the current economy.
    * At this time you should seriously consider having someone else look at your website.

  3. If you ask your business partners(s) and your friends to have a look at your website and they have nothing to say. This could mean that they are simply trying to protect you, and that they do not want to say something bad, or that you have not shown them that you are open and willing to listen to what they have to say.  The final circumstance could mean that they just do not feel your website is professional (or good enough), or serious enough for them to compliment you about it in some way.
    * If your close family and friends 'clam up', it may be saying something about you, and the goal(s) you have established for the website.

  4. The last straw would be that you are losing visitors (at an increasing pace). This could indicate that your Google rankings are sliding, or that you're just not hitting enough targeted long-tail keywords to bring visitors to your website to start with. This can all be related directly to your XSitePro website, the configuration or setup, and how you have optimized it to attract search engine traffic.
    * There are quite a few XSitePro tweaks you can use to get your website placed properly in the search engines - these tweaks are included in my prices.

At this time, I think you can see that it's quite easy to recognize that it is time for 'a change' of template design,  traffic strategy,  marketing and promotion campaigns, or all of the above. I am hoping that you can look through this website and value and trust that I have told you valuable information, as well as provided you with some clues on what you can do to overcome these problems? I hope you will consider me for your XSitePro redesign, or for your new XSitePro Templates. To help you determine that you have found the best designer for you, I have listed things that you should keep in mind when you are considering a XSitePro Designer:

  • The XSitePro developer has more than 10 years of Internet/Web Design experience and is successful in creating websites that achieve goals.
  • The XSitePro designer has been working with XSitePro for more than 2 years and knows it inside and out - they can explain complicated XSitePro design work, or options over the phone.

  • XSitePro template designer is able to show you a large porfolio of previous XSitePro web site work that proves they are an adequate designer that knows what they are doing (and that you feel good about the designs they have created previously, in other words you like what they've done before).
  • The XSitePro developer has a university degree in Computer Science (4 years). This is not something easily achieved, or done in 2 years, it takes a committed individual that is able to set/hit their goals to achieve this. If your website will require any type of scripting or custom programming applications to help you achieve your goals then this will become even more important.

When finding targeted traffic is a priority make sure that you find someone that has previous experience in bringing relevant traffic to a similar website (in a similar niche to your own). It's ok if the niche does not match exactly, but for example if you are speaking to someone that only sells to other businesses, and your market is to consumers, then find an XSitePro designer that has direct experience in selling/marketing to consumers.

  • The designer should have some ability in doing this in a variety of different markets as well as niches (rather than in one single niche area) and they should be able to send you previous customer emails that can verify this is the case.  If they can only show you websites, you have no idea if the websites they are showing you are successful, or not.

If you want to sell a product online then find a XSitePro Templates designer who is successfully selling products online and that has already proven it. They will be able to show you a full shopping cart of items that they sell to others (in a consumer market, for example), and not just offering single products to business owners (or business to business sales, for example).

  • The bottom line (in my opinion) is: If you are going to sell products to consumers make sure that the designer you choose has direct experience in selling and marketing online to consumers. This will almost guarantee a 'success for you'.  If instead you find a designer that sells websites to other businesses, or that sells/markets internet marketing products, then 'run in the other direction' as fast as you can!

Finally call the designer on the phone that you are considering working with.  Are you able to discuss things with them and do you notice a rapport that you believe can be used to help you achieve your goals?  If you do, and they meet all (or most) of the criteria above, then by all means, hire this designer as quickly as you can.

By now I hope that you have a better understanding about how you can look for, and find a top-notch XSitePro Designer that will be able to help you build a custom template, and include all of the necessary details needed to help your custom website achieve the goals that you have setup for it.

The work that I do for you is fully guaranteed. If you are unhappy with it when I have completed it for you, just let me know and I will refund you completely. You have no risk on your part.

Trust IconTo help you establish what is needed for your custom XSitePro Template to achieve your goals. Consider these 3 areas required of any successful website: 1.) visitor trust, 2.) ease of use, and 3.) visitor experience. These 3 items are linked in the mind of your prospects, they consider them before becoming your customer.

So, if you can get these 3 things right (trust, ease of use, visitor experience) than you might have a good chance of keeping a website visitor at your website longer. This then gives you a good chance of having them eventually becoming your customer (it takes at least 7 points of contact, on average before a prospect will buy from anyone). So, with those 3 things in mind, if they are right you can bring more sales, more customers, and referrals and that translates into more profits for you.

I have tried and tested just about every type of conversion routine, and software available (from exit popups to virtual agents) and I can transfer that knowledge to you. Put my experience to work for you and jump ahead in your ability to find and keep customers, and make sales.  Testing and conversion have been some of my biggest research areas in the last 5 years. Increasing your conversion rate by just a few tenths of a percent may increase your monthly sales revenue by thousands.

Contact me today at: 1-574-514-3429 (M-F 10am-6pm EST) to discuss your project

I will design a XSitePro Website to meet your requirements for a reduced price. Our Winter Sale interprets into a nice price for you (half normal price).... 

One Custom XSitePro Template (reduced price): $597.00 $297.00 USD

A custom XSitePro Template will be designed for you (as I work with you) to achieve your website  goals for $597.00 $297.00 USD (1/2 price). This will includes a custom XSitePro2.5 Template (which consists of: custom header graphics, matching footer and side panels, as well as a Dynamic HTML menu bar). You will get a chance to view and approve the header graphics before I start work on the template. You will receive all the corresponding XSitePro template files, and any graphics images (such as photoshop files) and anything else required to prepare the template. Also includes full instructions for loading into XSitePro 2.5  (Normally completed in 3-5 business days).

The work is 100% guaranteed to satisfy you. If you are not satisfied with it, I will work to make sure that you are completely happy with your XSitePro Templates, or I will refund all of your money.

I want you to be happy with the work I do for you.

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