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YouTube vs Vimeo - Why is the video quality so much different between these two services? It's easy to see in this comparison video. YouTube only allows a maximum 3Mbps (for 720p) and 6Mbps (for 1080p), while Vimeo maxes out at 10Mbps (for 720p), and 20 Mbps (for 1080p).  Wow, greater than 3 times better quality using Vimeo, go figure!  For another comparison video see Vimeo ( https://vimeo.com/122223394 ) compared to YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0uBuvm-FvA ) Another great Blog post: YouTube vs. Vimeo What's the Difference shows when to use which service (and why).  There are a few YouTube/Vimeo Video Galleries available such as Huzzaz ($9/month), or dropmark ($4/month).

VideoMakerFX - Absolutely the best software for creating cool whiteboard videos, adding characters and text with sound built in. A must have for anyone that wants to build their own videos quickly. Also consider the ProThemes Add On pack that adds new themes every month, or the ProThemes Pack (one time purchase).

Easy Sketch Pro - Fantastic software that builds out hand/sketch videos for any vector based graphic. Version 2.0 was released in November, 2014 offering sketch-to-video options! (Highly recommended).

Explaindio - Create animated explainer videos with hand sketching too. One video builder that does everything that VideoMakerFX, and Easy Sketch Pro do. An interesting alternative.

Screen-Cast-O-Matic - Awesome and inexpensive ($15/year) screen recorder.

VideoScribe - create your own sketch videos, includes libraries of objects ready to go, and excellent training. Monthly starting at $16.50/monthly.

Ray The Video Guy - I always check on what Ray has to say about anything to do with video before I purchase. He has an incredible recommendation value, and is excellent at anything to do with online video.  Check out Ray's YouTube chanel for tons of free tips and recommendations too, such as this Lapel Microphone for iPhone 5, or this Pocket Video Pro Kit.

Video Ads Explained - A course on how to take advantage of YouTube video ad placements. Great material, consider purchasing through Ray The Video Guy.

PowerPoint Speak Easies - Cool little talking cartoon characters for any video. Neat, and a whole selection of different characters are included.

Vydeo.club - For the cost of dinner, you cannot pass up this amazing offer on 20 modules of video resources that you can use royalty free. An amazing deal and highly recommended.

Vydeo Presenters - An amazing tool if you don't like to get in front of the camera. These are animated, talking characters that will speak along with your voice (in any PowerPoint Presentation).  Just incredible. Consider buying this through Ray The Video Guy's link, as that way you will get his instruction video on how to drop these into Camtasia and other video editors. Highly recommended. 

Hand Drawn WhiteBoard MegaBundle - Great package full of vector images for white board drawing. If the full bundle is too much, consider the Lite MegaBundle.

Killer Motion Graphics Bundle - A great offer for a ton of royalty free motion graphics to use in your videos.

White Board Bundle - Nice collection of white board vector graphics.

Screenr - Record your screen instantly (for up to 5 minutes) with no fees. If you're not using Camtasia this may be the best way yet to get a decent screen recording. 

Jing - This free tool from TechSmith is one of the best for recording/sharing videos online, and it's completely free.

Active Presenter - Really sweet, free screen recorder that runs on your desktop. If you cannot afford Camtaasia, this is the one to get.

Quick & Easy Killer Videos Using Powerpoint - from Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen, you will love this and if you really enjoy it you may want to consider their Learn Camtasia course which I very highly recommend.

Screencast Profits - the original audio/video production course from Lon Naylor. You cannot go wrong with this course, it teaches everything you need to know, and does it in the right way (through screencasts).  Excellent.

Learn Camtasia - the ultimate video course on producing quality (top notch) video that sells and makes you look great while you're doing it. The best course anywhere on Camtasia. highly recommend.  For a flavoring, check out their monthly newsletters archives.

Toon Characters - cartoon characters you can purchase to use in your videos and throughout your website.

Video Cache View - Excellent free Nirsoft utility to view your video cache. Find videos that you have viewed and save them locally to your computer for later playback.

Free Conference Calling - Exactly what it says, free conference calling, recording, muting and anything else you would want from a conference call. Excellent, and free.

GVO Conference - A great alternative to GotoMeeting that works nearly the same, but at a lot lower cost.  Provides you with a 50 seat conference room with audio, video recording, whiteboard and chat capabilities.

AVCHD free utility - A free utility for brining in video from your camcorder. Part of the excellent Cam Video Secrets course by Mark Dulisse.

Optimize Web Video 2.0 Membership - A huge array of tools, resources, video backdrops, and lessons on creating and optimizing online web video.  A fair price, and monthly fees of only $16.00 give you huge bang for your buck. Learn just about everything there is to learn about video, from video sitemaps, to optimizing and uploading, and online video requirements.  Highly recommended.

TechSmith - The creators of Camtasia Studio, Jing and Screencast.com. The number one screen recording software for capturing and creating a nice screen recording video.  They also maintain excellent blogs on video production and creation such as their Customer Stories Blog, or their Tips & How Tos Blog with articles such as: Holding Your Viewers Attention, Editing Tools.

Super Video Encoder - The number one video encoder. I highly recommend this for encoding, adding watermarks, and doing any type of work with video. It's 100% free.

PhotoStudioSupplies - Find all the photo and video studio supplies you would need here, including green screens, blue screens, stands, software, backgrounds and everything else.

Greatest Web Video Effect Ever - Excellent training on how to create a walk-on video effect: where you, or someone that works with you walks on to your webpage, presents something and then walks off. Full video instruction on exactly how to do it. Brilliant..

Your Own News Studio - Green Screening - A great tutorial on how to Green-Screen to create a news studio, or other type of studio in your home or office. Part 1 is also available.

Total Product Blueprint - Free 12 Part Series - How to create and promote the 12 most lucrative information products.

Aviary  - Find all kinds of audio, sound, music, graphics, image and even video tools at this site. You can do all of your editing online for free. Here is a sampling of what you will find: vector editor, image editor, screen capture, effects edit, color editor, music creator, image markup, audio editing, images markup, color editor.

Screenjelly  - Record your computer screen (free) with this cool online application.

LiveFaceOnWeb - Just a single one time fee and you can have a live actor/actress do a full motion video explaining your product (or website). It is supposed to increase your conversion rate by up to 22%.

Howie Schwartz's free Video SEO Guide - Howie Schartz is one of the best. Check out what he says about video SEO.

XSitePro Audio/Video Editing Software

I have experimented with all types of video editors. Unfortunately there is only one that I have found that works really well.

Windows Live Movie Maker - is the one Video editor I recommend for all kinds of Windows video editing. This time Microsoft has got it right. You can find an XP version of Movie Maker too. For more resources check out Papa John's online community for Movie Makers.

Optimize Your Video - Premium membership website that will teach you everything you need to know about creating and publishing video content online. Josh Anderson (the author of Transparent Video Player, and other tools) has created a valuable resource that you must have if you publish online video content.

XSitePro Audio Players & XSitePro Video Players

One of the keys to having nice audio/video on your website is to have a good looking Player appear on your site. Use the links below to find excellent XSitePro Audio Players and XSitePro Video Players.

Web Dimensions - This article is an excellent explanation of how to create a fully responsive Video Player container for your blog, can also be manipulated to work just fine in any html code project using the stylesheet code provided. You can join their Unlimited Software Membership (or for 1 year, or for a Lifetime) to get their excellent tools such as: ICC Keyworks, Viral Video Creator, Viral Image Curator, VVC Syndicator, Members area and Facebook Support Group.

AudioPlay - A simple one button audio player that you can create code for to replace the standard XSitePro audio play buttons, from StrangeCube.

WebProjector - An excellent XML based slideshow software that includes audio. (requires you to change DOCTYPE).  From StrangeCube.

Media Menu Producer - Create beautiful video playlists for your website with multi-track FLV video play-lists.

viewbix - Add interactive elements (coupons, optins, etc) to your video online, great.

FLV Producer - Another excellent FLV player that lets you encode and play FLV videos on your website.

Video Web Wizard 2.0- A nice video player encoder and skinner that will let you easily embed beautiful video players into your XSitePro website.  Creates FLV (flash video) players that you can embed quickly.

Transparent Video Player- The abosolute best Video Player for controlling things on your webpage. Create walking/talking video effects with people, scroll your webpage, insert unblockable popover video and more. Full support for html5 and playing on iPad/iPod.

Total Web Audio - Amazing audio / visual plugin tools for XSitePro. Website Jukebox, Audio Visual Tour Creator, Audio Postcard Creator, Video Postcard Creator, Intro/Exit music maker, OGG Vorbis Player and more. Triggered events let you open windows into webpages, display unique content, and more based on event triggers (timed events, or others events). Free bonus Audio/Video Viral eBook Creator.

Triggers Player- A exclusive FLV player that lets you create trigger events/hyperlinks and just about anything else from within your player, not as comprehensive as Transparent Video Player (see above), but it does work well with Flash video.

You Tube Embed Code Configurer - Use this Embed Code Customizer to create a great You Tube player, free.

The Traffic Player - Mark Dulisse's excellent player that let's you configure your YouTube (or flash) videos nicely.  Excellent work.

Easy Audio Tools - A really nice (and inexpensive) audio player.

EasyFLV  - One of the best inexpensive audio players available. A direct purchase link for this product is available - click here to purchase.

EasyVideoPlayer  - It's not cheap, but it's really good at what it does. A video solution that will change the way that you market using videos. Include opt-in forms and even buy now buttons directly into your videos.

Premium Beat.com Media Players- All types of audio, slide show, and video players.