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XSitePro Forms & Form Builder Links

Simfatic Forms- This one form builder is excellent at accomplishing any form job that you have. There are also options to include a really cool Date Picker as well as the option to process your form in PHP (so that I can completely customize it for you). Some other features include: align to a grid, include background images, send forms directly to a MySQL database.

SumoMe - Free Tools to grow your website traffic, highly recommended.

SoHelpful.me - Signup for a free Calendar/Scheduler and get leads by offering a free 30 minute consultation.

Forms To Go - One of the better forms builder. It integrates easily into XSitePro and is capable of handling invoicing and PDF forms direct to a database.

PHP Jabbers Contact Form generator - Try out the generator and then purchase it for a reasonable fee. A great little form creator when you need one.

JotForm - A free form builder, limited to 100 form submissions/month. If you have low traffic this is a good option. I no longer recommend JotForm as I found it to be unreliable, especially when form field changes are made.

Coffee Cup - Web Form Builder - I no longer recommend Coffee Cup Form Builder as Simfatic Forms is far superior.

XSitePro Menu Builder Links

AllWebMenus Pro - Build any type of menu that you want with this software. Unfortunately you no longer have XSitePro menu/page settings options if you use this external menu builder, but you will certainly create menus that you could never accomplish with XSitePro Menu settings.