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Find new images, clipart and icons to use in your XSitePro website below.

dreamstime - One of the best for stock images.  If I cannot locate an image somewhere else, I can always find it here. Level 1 images are reasonbly priced especially if you choose the lower quality 72dpi web images.
Royalty Free Images 

Photo Impact - Excellent graphics software that I've used for years, along with Photoshop when creating online graphics and images.

Gallery - a really easy way to store your own photo galleries and view them directly from your own website. Excellent: rotate images, allow for comments on your images, slideshows, etc.

Marketing Graphics Empire - If you're looking for any kind of marketing graphics: buttons, badges, banners, checkmarks, calendars, certificates, guarantees, book covers (eCovers), coupons, guarantee badges, headlines, license options, navigation bars, mockups, mini-sites, then you have to check out this huge library for a very reasonable price.  (Highly Recommended)

Inkscape - Greate free open source graphics editor comparable to: Illustrator, Corel Draw, Xara, etc.  Does the job nicely.

Green Shot - Another brilliant tool, one of the best screen snapshot programs around. Open source and no charge for using it.  Highly recommended.

Photosynth - Microsoft's impressive nature gallery loaded with panorama views. If you're looking for inspiration this would be one place to start.

MatthewJamesTaylor.com - A ton of CSS tutorials that will blow you away. Check them out today and find something useful you can add to your XSitePro website using only CSS.

Image Map Tool - A great online Image Map creator.  You no longer need to run a program on your computer to generate a image map, use this handy and free tool instead.

PhotoStudioSupplies - Find all the photo and video studio supplies you would need here, including green screens, blue screens, stands, software, backgrounds and everything else.

roundpic - The best free online tool for creating rounded corners on any image.  Choose radius, make it transparent, it does it all, quickly and easily.

MoxiCopy - Print everything, in color at a great price. Shipping is available too. Build your own print manual and price updates automatically.  Nice! Based in North Carolina.

Color Copies USA - Excellent printer for color. Print postcards, have them shipped at a reasonable price. All types of other printing done as well: business cards, manuals, etc. all at reasonable prices.

Veryicon.com - Every icon you would ever want can be found here.

freestockicons.com - If your budget is low, find free icons at this site. Some of them are even better than the paid ones.

XHeader - If you are looking to spice up the header of your XSitePro website then have a look at this header creation tool. You can really get a unique design. If you are not interested in learning Adobe Photoshop then this is the way to go.

IRFANVIEW - A great image/photo resizer. It's free.

Image Resizer - If you're working within Windows then this really great PowerToys application will let you resize images by Right-Click from anywhere in File Explorer for Windows XP (Look for the Image Resizer.exe link over to the right of the page). *Windows7 Instead: a clone has been written to work in Windows 2000, and Windows 7 which you can find at: Image Resizer for Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Quick Image Resizer - a really great drag-n-drop re-sizer. If also lets you add a custom watermark. Inexpensive.

FastStone Photo Resizer - Try the free trial of this photo image resizer, if it works for you consider purchasing it, it's not expensive.

Shrink-O-Matic - Visit the Shirink-O-Matic page and shrink your images down to a more reasonable internet size.  If you want to minimize your images try lowering the JPQ quality to 20-30, and keep your dimensions to 200 pixels to 400 pixels (in height or width).

Cacoo - Diagrams can be drawn in real-time. You can also share them. This free tool that runs in all browsers:  Firefox 3+, IE 7+, Chrome 2+, Safari 4+.

WebGraphicsMembership.com - An excellent way to get new free graphics. This site includes links to free graphics products and even more at the BLOG - highly recommended.

Premium Beat.com Media Players- Build up a slide show player (Flash based).

iElectrify.com - An interesting web design company that has a passion for working with others to increase sales conversions while still keeping design intact. 

Peel Away Ads - Tiny corner peel ads, believe it or not, they can boost sales on your website (test and track to check your market).

Ultimate Footer Ad - I've reviewed all of them, and this one is the best. It's a great footer utility that gives you full stats and lets you turn off/on footers on specific pages on your website - brilliant.

A Ruler For Windows - You will eventually need to measure screen pixels. This is the only way to do it, and it's completely free.

mailGloo - Find really great HTML email templates that have incredible reasonable prices. If you are putting out a newsletter,  a specific promotion, or if you need a holiday email template you will certainly find one here.

XSitePro Templates Headers & Button Designers Links

Quick Web Creations - Button Maker - Make really cool buttons for your website fast. A decent price, the pro upgrade is even better.

My cool button - Generate buttons online. Build all types of buttons. Yearly subscriptions are inexpensive (around $10.00/year).

XSitePro & Colors Schemes / Color Designers

ColorMania - from Blacksun Software, pretty much the only picker I use for grabbing a color from the screen. 

Color Scheme Designer- The absolute best for designing a color scheme.  Create your scheme, view text on the background, even view a sample light or dark website using the colors all with one click.  Share your color scheme with others using the top right link.  Brilliant and free!

Hex to RGB Color Converter- You cannot be without this resource.

COLOURlovers - If you're looking for a color palette, this is an excellent place to find one.  Search by color hues.

Color Schemer Online v2- One of the best, setup your colors here.

ColorSchemer - home of ColorSchemer Studio, an excellent way to build up a color pallette for any taste.