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Phone OptIn - Start getting phone optins synchronized to your autoresponder.  A great product for $25/month.

VideoBizBuilder Mobile Edition - Amazing way to gain opt-ins on mobile devices. Check out the video and consider this method for increasing subscriptions as mobile use increases dramatically.

Mobile Considerations in User Experience Design: Web or Native? - Excellent article explaining how and when to use Mobile based design, by designer Aral Balkan.

Mobile Learning - Designing It Right [Guide] over at Kineo.com is a powerful resource on designing learning environments that work well on mobile platforms.

Mobile Platform Preview - Do you want to find out how your website looks a Mobile Phone platform? Check out how it looks on several mobile platforms from this site.

Google's Mobile Search - Find out your SEO rankings on the Google Mobile platform with Google Mobile Search.  If you are not showing up here, it's not likely you will be found by mobile searchers.

GOMO - Google's excellent site to help you mobilize your website - Find out your SEO rankings on the Google Mobile platform with Google Mobile Search. If you are not showing up here, it's not likely you will be found by mobile searchers.

Google Webmaster Central help on indexing your Mobile site - Excellent information from Google on how to get your mobile site indexed.

Profitable Mobile Website - A great resource for building out the mobile version of your website.

MobiSite Pro - An absolute must have mobile site builder tool that will let you easily create mobile sites/pages in a flash.

Mobile Autoresponder - Much like using any other autoresponder, but it works for phones! Unlimited texts for one low monthly fee - you cannot beat that. Does require the user to select their phone carrier before submission, and also that the user enter a text back to confirm - so it may reduce signups slightly.

Trumpia - The most feature rich mobile platform for SMS text message marketing as it integrates with an autoresponder, voice messaging and social media. It also comes with quite a high monthly cost, so you have to keep that in mind.

QR Code Generator - Create a QR URL mobile code for any URL. Use this free tool to save the image and then put it on your website. You can also use it for publication in a magazine.

Google Goggles - Can you find your website using Google Goggles? Search for anything by taking a picture on your phone!

Bizness Apps - Have a mobile App built for around $300 and a monthly charge, excellent!

AppBuilder 360 - Excellent Mobile App Builder (same company as Bizness Apps), create an app for one low price and a small monthly charge.

Prosper 202 Blog: Your Tracking Software is Costing You Money - An interesting look at why mobile advertising has specific requirements that you must follow.

Mobile Marketing Course Links

The following courses and online classes can help you go further with your Mobile Marketing plan.

Mobile Success Blueprint - Dave Guindon's Excellent Mobile product. Learn everything there is to know about mobile marketing and doing it successfully. SMS providors, Mobile design tools, it's all included. Highly Recommended.

Mobile Monopoly - Fantastic Mobile marketing course. Recommended and required if you're just getting started with Mobile Marketing.