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Point Blank SEO The number one SEO linking course, recommended by Spencer Haws (of NichePursuits.com - see below).

XSitePro2.5 + XSitePro Cheat Sheet (still available, but not on market) - I loved XSitePro Cheat Sheet, though it appears that the author James Schramko is no longer supporting it, it can still be purchased directly (from PayLoadz). 

NichePursuits.com - Fantastic website that reveals SEO and link building tacticts in all kinds of niches. Highly recommended.  See for example, this podcast: Podcast 45 - August Income Report. From the developer of Long Tail Pro - a keyword tool.  His Niche Site Project 2 is an amazing case study that covers every aspect of setting up a blog and keyword optimizing it (check out the Coaching Calls, such a this one: Coaching Call 5 which includes video/audio of setting up the site).

Long Tail Pro - Keyword research software to find long tail keywords.  Excellent for what it does and very Highly Recommended.

Self Made Businessman.com - Great website on how to blog for real money, well done, includes great articles, such as this: How I Increased Sales on Etsy

SEO Toolkit - Great free toolkit (from Microsoft) that generates reports and let's you compare reports from the past. Check bad links, missing content, duplicated title tags, and everything else. Recommended.

Website Grader - See howyour site scores. You will also find tips on how to raise your SEO rankings.

SEO In Practice - An excellent, and completely free SEO certification course.

SEO Link Getting Webinar - One of the best webinars by SEO Link Vine people.

Traffic Cafe.tv- I am really impressed with Traffic Cafe. Google, SEO, and traffic are the hot topics, all done in video, updated often.

Compete.com Presentation Slides at Slideshare - If you're looking for a fresh outlook on SEO and competition including remarketing check out these slideshows for more information.  Just in case you cannot afford the Compete.com plans.

SEO Tools - The Ultimate Collection - Here is a complete list of free tools. It's often better to consider purchasing tools instead,especially if you are serious about SEO. The folks at Search Engine Journal have put together a great list.

Link Building Dossier - If you know of Duncan Carver, then you will want to pick up his link building strategies book. If you do not know of him, research him, and then consider buying this excellent guide.

XSitePro SEO Blogs

Matt Cutt's Blog - The number one place to check out Google SEO information.

Michael Gray - Graywolf's SEO Blog - One of the best SEO blogs around, along with Matt Cutt's blog.

Real World Traffic - Blog - The blog here is great. You will find some really good free information on traffic and how to get it here.

My 4 Hour Work Week - This is a powerful 'do it yourself' blog about achieving higher page rankings.

SEO by the Sea - One of the better blogs on SEO. Amazing and always fresh.

XSitePro Keywords & PPC Campaigns Links

Market Samurai - This is my favorite desktop SEO keyword tool. It's fast, and does it's job perfectly. Highly recommended. 

Keyword Elite 2.0 - If it's tons of keywords you are looking for then start with Keyword Elite 2.0. This recently pdated tool should not be missed.

Web CEO - Another of my favorites. I use this every month to run full SEO reports and check rankings. It is unbeatable when it comes to the level of reports you can generate. You can also use it o find new affiliate partners and consider going through the certification program.

MicroNicheFinder - A keyword tool that is phenomenol, though a bit on the slow side. I like working with the interface on this tool better than some of the others, so I  still use it from tiime to time.

KRA Pro - You cannot beat Dr. Andy's SEO tool KRA Pro. His work is top notch and always on target.

NicheBotX - I often use this to build out categories of long-tail keywords. A great online tool you can use to find keywords.

My Adsense Formula 2.0 - Exclusive video course outlines how to setup an Adsense Income business with over-the-shoulder videos.

Google External Keyword Tool - The world would not be the same without Google's free External tool, a fantastic resource, though not all inclusive (for that you need to use other paid tools).

AM Khan and Google Remarketing Links

AdwordsWare_Adwords Management Software - Excellent group of 3 tools (Adtext Generator, Adtext Image Creator, Placement Pilot) that is essential when doing remarketing/retargeting using Google Adwords. 

Adtext Generator - Generates Adwords Ads for creating content. More proof is available in this PDF document or in this adwords text video. Adtext Generator signup with bonuses (Adtext Hunter, Adtext Prescription and more).

Adtext Image Creator - Detailed video on how Google Remarketing works using Adtext Images (Google Placement ads).

AM Khan Bio - look at AM Khan's Biography at Traffic Rock*Stars.

Adwords Buzz - AM Khan's blog. Google Adwords and PPC gossip, news and trends. Amazing posts such as this one on Google Quality scores.

A.M. Khan's website - The personal website of A.M. Khan.

Adwords PPC - Adwords Pay Per Click management done for you.

Total Adwords Domination - Let a team of AM Kahn's work for you.

JV Space.com - create JV campaigns instantly through social media.

Howie Schwartz Free SEO Content Links

When it comes to internet marketers you have to be careful. You will get good information from Howie, and his purchased products offer a lot for the money.  Recently he has started to offer quite a bit of excellent free material on SEO and how to achieve rankings in all areas, including video. Pick up some of the free PDF documents, or videos listed below.

Howie Schwartz's free Video SEO Guide - Here is an excellent guide on SEO for video.

Niche & Keyword Research - Howie covers everything in this great nich keyword research guide.

Niches Uncovered - A top list of valuable niches.

10 Niches that are valuable - 10 really valuable niches.

Classified Generation 2.0 - How you can setup free classified links and where to get them.

MSN Yahoo pdf - Looking to rank good on MSN, or Yahoo? Check out this report.

FriendFEED - A really great guide on using Web 2.0 property to gain new links.

Google Insights Search - How to make good use of Google Insights.

Howie's Keyword Research tool - This is a really cool free tool.

YouTube - I love this guide on using YouTube to get your video, or other material seen.