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XSitePro Social Media Marketing Links

Social Media TV
 - Fantastic content from Social Media Examiner website. Details on increasing traffic through social media (facebook, facebook apps, twitter, video).

eMarketing Vids - An incredible reference of video tips (1-2 minutes each) on a variety of marketing topics, featuring Facebook Friday, WordPress Attack, Twit Tip (Twitter) and

Social Media Summit 2011 - Learn Social Media marketing and how you can use it to increase your business, traffic and sales at this online Summit with 24 experts.

Social Monkee - A great social bookmarking service that is completely free. Bookmark your pages, gain backlinks instantly by using this service. A Firefox plugin makes submission so easy.

Social Share Monkey - Setup social sharing sliders on your websites.

Viral Lead Machine - A slick way to build free traffic to your site with memes.

Social Ad Pack - Find out the best way to make social media image ads.

Pinterest Marketing Blueprint - Nice pinterest marketing course from Duncan Carver.

XSitePro T-Shirt Marketing Links

TeeProfit - Tee Designs every day for $29/month.

Viral Video Method - From Chris Record, nice way to use videos inside of Facebook to gather new visitors to your website.

Don Wilson Case Study - follow Don Wilson as he shows you how he's making money right now with TeeSpring.

XSitePro Facebook Marketing Links

Storenvy - A drop in cart for Facebook. Excellent implementation allows for sharing products, and commenting on them as well as selling from your Facebook page with no extra fees. So far only 1 payment processor: PayPal.

Social Traffic Lab - A fantastic resource for Facebook marketing. Custom apps, and how to use them to increase conversions and traffic. Tested and results oriented. Also check out the Social Traffic Lab Blog.

ProProfs Quiz Maker - A yearly fee for making great online quizes, nice.

Don Wilson Training - Known as the expert in Facebook marketing, watch this great video tutorial on how to get to 10,000 fans fast.

appbistro - Find the best apps for your Facebook pages here. Reviews by other users, well done.

PageData - Facebook data on the most talked about pages/topics on Facebook at the moment.

WP Nexus - Run a WordPress theme inside of your Facebook page, fantastic!

5 Minute Fanpage 2.0 - A 3 part video series on monetizing your Facebook fanpage.

Setup a Fan Page - A quick video course on how to setup a fan page and how to advertise on it.

5 Minute Facebook Page Makeover - A great article from BlueGlass on making over your Facebook page. Also check out the Blue Glass Blog for excellent social media articles.

Don Wilson Case Study - follow Don Wilson as he shows you how he's making money right now with TeeSpring.

XSitePro Facebook Page Builder Links

Facebook Easy Pro Fans Page - A nice builder that lets you pull in custom themes to use in your Facebook pages.  

Social Lead Chief - Gather survey data, then Opt-In information from visitors to Facebook newsfeed posts.

Timeline Design for Dummies - By Get 10,000 Fans. An interesting program, but mostly uses HTML dropped into iframes.

Fanpage Professional Wordpress Plugin - Build unlimited pages in WordPress, a simple solution with custom graphics library included.

FanBoom - A heck of a deal on a great fan builder. You cannot go wrong with this one.

XSitePro Google+ Google Plus Social Media Links

How to Signup For Google+ - Find out here.  You can also consider purchasing an invite from someone that has one through eBay.  Once you are signed up access your Google + account here.

Link Your Google+ Page to your Website - Make your site eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.

Linking Your Google AdWords and your Merchant Center Accounts - Part of the Google Merchant Center, learn to link your Adwords advertising account at Google with your merchant center account.

Google +/+1 Demystified - A great video course to get you up to speed quick on Google Plus and Google Plus One.

Google Plus - More Privacy - Tighter Social Circles - Find out here. You can also consider purchasing an invite from someone that has one through eBay.

Google + - 9 Things You Need To Know - Find out the ins/outs of Google+

Why Google+ Will Succeed - Video from The Daily Conversation.

Google+ Project Official Video - From Google, also see: A Quick Look at Google Plus, and: Google + (from RocketBoom.

Google+ Tips to Enhance Your Experience - A great article with cool tips.

Using Google+ With Membership Sites - Tips and tricks to using Google Plus with Membership website, nice.

How To Setup Rel=Me So Google Displays Author Profile Pic from Google + - Wow, this is a good one. It seems Google is now also displaying Google Author Profiles for content that appears in search engine. To get that done, follow this article by Yoast.  More details available here for the use of Google+1 and Google+.

XSitePro Local Marketing and Offline Marketing Links

Catalyst eMarketing - An incredible resource for Local Marketing and Google Places. Home of HyperLocal Shopping App. Monitize your local site with LuckyLocal..

Attract Profitable Local Clients - Use this system for generating revenue from local offline clients.