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XSitePro Time Management & Productivity

ClockingIT - This excellent project management (and time management) utility will let you track daily hours on any type of project (of course programming, or IT work is best). Forums, wikis and other collaboration tools can be found here.

Fresh Books - Try out this billing application for your iPhone. If you havemore than 3 clients (it runs about  $20/per month). You could also look at ClockingIT website (above). Use the timerSync application (see below) to get the most accurate timing right from your Windows desktop.

VirtualHelper24/7 - A great place to pickup an assistant cheaply.  Pricing info here, and their Blog is here. Promote it here, FAQ is here, more info on the program in the comments under this video. (special offer, or here).

Four Pillars of Personal Transformation - A great way to start the new year, set your intentions and move forward in any area of your life.

timerSync - This timer is integrated and synchronizes with Fresh Books (see above).

timebridge - An ultimate meeting/appointment scheduler that is completely free. I've been using this quite a while.

My Desktop Therapist - Use the power of attraction to achieve whatever you want.

eVoice - Setup a powerful telephone system that follows you wherever you go, transcribes your messages and provides custom recorded messages. 

XSitePro Legal and Business Links

How to Report Copyright Infringement - An excellent article that shows you how to go about reporting and protecting your copyrighted material online, and how to request that copyright infringing material be removed from the Search Engines (Google, Bing, Bing Ads).

Know Your Competitors - A nice article by Frank Deardurff about tracking down your competitors and what they are up to.  Good stuff.  This is one of the tools mentioned: Webmaster Tips Site Information Tool, as well as this one: SEM Rush.

XSitePro Business Services

ether.com - Setup callback services and charge others at your current hourly rate. This service is similar to sharing meeting times, or appointment times with others, but you are required to pay first (ether.com then collects a percentage of the sale, or you can choose to pay a fixed fee for every meeting).

ChrisBrogan.com - Leadership, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing articles on this weblog for Chris who's marketing skills are coveted. Author of several books (including The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth) and other valuable information here on this blog. Chris has bought into the RainMaker Platform touted by CopyBlogger.com

Local Lead-Gen Site Packages - This is an interesting option for signing local businesses. Use these pre-made packages to offer local businesses a new website and lead generation program.  Also consider Drew Laughlin's MCPLR - ALL of his products for $97.00 price at this page.

Reputation Hotlines - How to setup reputation phone hotlines to get client testimonials for local businesses in your area.

timebridge - An ultimate meeting/appointment scheduler that is completely free. I've been using this quite a while.

TimeTrade - A great, free personal scheduler. You can pickup a business license for a reasonable $49/year. Here's an example of an Invitation to schedule a call.

vCita - Online scheduling and appointment calendar. Works great, shows pricing on calls and let's the user purchase time if required.  Here's my example, and another example of how you can setup a paid list of booking types (calls, meetings, etc).  Approximately $10/month for basic services, or $30/month for all 3 professional services (appointments, billing, lead generation).

XSitePro & Apple

ThinServer - a really cool way to access your Windows Business applications (Office: Word, PowerPoint, etc) right from your Apple iPad. An excellent solution, especially if need to use XSitePro from a remote location.